I have been meaning to contact you for a while now. I cant tell you how pleased I am that I got went with my decision to purchase one of the puppy from your litter. Starr is what I have named him and he is absolutely delightful, Such a nice temperament and personality. I wanted to include a picture (taken about a month ago) and also say thank you again!
Garrett Griffin
Wonderful to work with. Patiently answered all of my questions and I asked a lot. My little Cooper arrived very healthy and exactly as promised.Wonderful to work with. Patiently answered all of my questions and I asked a lot. My little Cooper arrived very healthy and exactly as promised. I had absolutely no problems at all; they walked me through what to expect when picking him up from the airport. The only problem you will have is they have such beautiful puppies; it's hard to pick which one you want.
Emilia Johnson
I got my baby Snowie from Dachshund Villa puppies and it was a lot easier than I expected!I got my baby Snowie from Bijou and it was a lot easier than I expected! Snowie came on a direct flight it was quick and easy! He came in perfect health and looked exactly like his pictures I was sent prior! I love Dachshund Villa so much that I’m in the process of getting Snowie a little sister!
Suzane & Martin
I purchased Marcus from DACHSHUND VILLA and it was a great experience I would like to thank the staffs, for all their help. This is my first puppy and he is adorable, I would recommend DACHSHUND VILLA to anyone, the staff are knowledgeable and very helpful
New York
We are so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to take Rayah home from Dachshund Villa! She is an amazing dog, and we love her so much! It’s hard to believe she is already 13 weeks old now! Jeanette is so great with the dogs and a wonderful breeder and trainer! Thank you so much!!!
Rebecca Lamont
Our little Daisy from Dachshund Villa! has been an absolute blessing in our lives. She loves people and dogs, especially kids. We’ve had a blast taking her to obedience and puppy agility classes as she is a joy to train and work with. The instructors are impressed with her level of intelligence and ability to learn. At home, she is so much fun to play with and be around. She is such a cuddler and loves to just be with her family. I would recommend a Dachshund puppy from Dachshund Villa to anyone interested in having one. Thank you
Ellice Joanna